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I thank the Lord for the inspiration and for gifting me with the spiritual energy to bring forth the music that was in my heart. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for my supporting husband. Eric, you are my inspiration and my motivation. You gave me the courage to pursue my passion and dreams. Thank you for being so generous with your love, for listening, for your guidance and for opening your network of creative friends to help make this dream possible. Thank you to my Saba and Lai family who also gave me encouragement and reassured me to just go for it! Thank you Daniel, Liezel, Megumi and Kevin for sharing your profound knowledge in music. Thank you to all the creative friends and family that helped make this project beautiful! Thank you Imua, all the singers and musicians that worked on this project. Your talents, time and energy have brought this music to life! - Czarina


Imua Garza,  Zeo Music


Engineered and Mixed by:

Imua Garza,  Zeo Music


Recorded at:

Zeo Music

Mastered by:

David Castell


Guitar and Bass:

Imua Garza


Mark Lindberg



Andrew McKeezy

Chris Hampton



Jay Keyz

Ethan Capone



Larry Spalding

Backing Vocals:

Tiffany Garza

Laura Castillo

Robson Bunda

Darcel McCoy

Imua Garza


Music Video (Come Home):

Manuel Reta

Doris Chen



John Garcia

Eric Lai


Ko Nakatsu

Adam Johnson


Graphic Design:

Jeffrey Kraynik

Pauline Lapus

Eric Lai

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